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The Group has its own research and development (R & D) department. The R & D Department operates a laboratory, which is accredited under the Malaysian Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (SAMM 001).

The main responsibilities of the R & D Department are to formulate more effective and new products, assess their efficacy under tropical conditions, and provide customers and other interested parties with analytical and technical services.

Additionally, it is involved in the quality control of raw materials and finished products. The products Celcure A (P) and Copas LCX manufactured by the Group have been certified by the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) as having met its stringent standards.
The quality of R & D in the Celcure Group is obvious from the recognition of its laboratory under the Malaysian Laboratory Accreditation Scheme.

In addition to supporting customers, Celcure's R & D facilities also help keep the Group ahead of the competition.

The R & D Department produces articles for general as well as professional publications. It also participates in lectures and seminars organised by the goverment and private bodies, and provides training and guidance to customers in solving technical problems related to products marketed by the Group.

Besides this, the R & D Department is also involved in areas not directly related to formulating and manufacturing wood preservatives. For example, it ensures that the Group's activities comply with all relevant legislations. This includes obtaining governmental approval for the wood preservatives that the Group manufactured, as well as satisfying health, safety and environmental requirements.

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