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Malaysia's sustained-yield forest management practised since 1901, and the goverment stipulation that not les than 46% of the total land area as Permanent Forest Reserves (PFR), mean a briht future for the timber and wood preservatives industries.
  The future holds a lot of exciting challenges and promises for business in Malaysia, particularly for those dealing in wood preservatives.

Firstly, the supply of timber in Malaysia is perpetual, unlike in many countries. We owe this to the Malaysian goverment's selective logging system, which is a componet of sustained-yield forest managment practised in this country since 1901, that is long before the term "selective logging" became known elsewhere.

As a point of interest, the area of natural forest in malaysia is approximately 20.25 million hectares, or 61 percent of its total land area. Also malaysia has designated 15.19 million hectares, or 46 percent of the total land area, as Permanent Forest Reserves (PFR).

Secondly, the sources of marketable lumber are not limited to the natural forests alone. As recent as more than a decade ago, rubber wood, for instance, was only used as fuel. Today, it is turned into furniture of quality high enough for export, thanks to the technological advancements made in the formulation of wood preservatives. Who can tell that the other types of wood now deemed to be of no commercial value will not also metamorphose into something highly marketable? The trunk of oil palm is one example Research is under way to find more uses of every part of this wonderful plant.

The Group is prepared and well-planned to seek all opportunities and surmount any challenges. It is confident it will succeed and that its business will expand because it has the expertise and the resources. In fact, right now it is in the process of identifying more products to add to its existing range.

All in all, the future looks bright for the Group.
Celcure Impregnation Plant, in which timber is treated with preservatives, is designed and manufactured locally by CELCURE.

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